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    Colombo 13, Sri Lanka

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Our Culture

We believe every employee, at whatever level contributes intrinsically to our progress. By each employee performing his or her role in such a manner, the whole 'line of operations, benefits and makes our service superlative. That has made us what we are today. The style of organization’s operations are clearly designed where the specific job roles have been identified in respect of each employee. Superior subordinate relationships exist within line management so that decisions take at the top level of organization being passed on to subordinates levels. Generally cordial relationship being maintained between employees and management at all times.

Career Path

The company has a policy to promote and as well as to offer incentives to existing employees based on their performance over the last few years. This preposition will to be offered with an objective of motivating employees for their improved performance in the future.

Our company is a growing company which has already established a position in the steel industry and employees and manages employees in various positions such as engineering, technical, operational, finance and administration. Since this company owing many vacancies arise in most of the above disciplines as mentioned above. Based on the performance of existing employees with their experience, seniority and also there are code of conduct will be taken into considerations when promotions are sort.

The employees having full filled the above requirements will be considered to a higher position or promotion by the management of the company. The company, in the past we have promoted several employees to their higher positions which had incremental effect regard to productivity of this organization.