• Address: No.5, Sangamitta Mawatha,
    Colombo 13, Sri Lanka

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Team members of the organization comprise of the following,

  • Factory Manager
  • Factory Engineers
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Research and Development Engineer
  • Operation Manger
  • Financial and Management Consultant
  • Accountant
  • Human Resource Manager

The main function of the factory manger is to ensure that the production activities and technical matters relating to production being carried out on a continuous basis to ensure the factory operation perform smooth flow of work without interruptions. He’s in responsible to adhere to environment requirements and for commitment of quality policy. He’s in charge of overall operations of the factory and reports to managing director on a periodical basis.

The operation mangers perform day to today transactions of the organization particularly manage sales, purchases and other operational matters. He’s involved with overall operations of the organization.

The role of Financial and Management consultant is to ensure that this organization secure financial resources for its operations. He ensures the sources of funding at optimum cost to ensure the financial resources to be obtained with the minimum cost of capital. He also provides feasibility and viability of proposed investment for the company and makes recommendations accordingly. Consultant also provides management information and other relevant financial data to take various strategic decisions for the benefit of the organization.

The role of the Accountant of this organization is to record all transactions of the company in terms of monetary and quantitative wise to provide information of the organization on a day today basis. He provides substantial information in relation to assets and liabilities, income and expenditure and other required information for decision making purposes.

The role of Human Resource Manager is to ensure the proper record of all employees of the company and update the information with regard to their remuneration, statutory allowances and other records in respect of provident and trust funds. He also maintain performance evaluation reports in respect of each employee. He maintains human resource polices of the organizations and report to managing director on a regular basis.

There are number of executives performing under the senior managers (team member listed above) the role each of executives is to ensure that the instructions given by respective team members are carried out in an effective manner.