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Quality Policy

"We are committed to meet excellence in customer satisfaction by providing high quality ribbed steel bars in a cost-effective manner on time and every time. "

The objective of the company’s quality policy is to ensure the quality standards of the finished product to be maintained in accordance with the world’s standards and also to ensure the quality of our products are kept at least in par with our major competitors.

Our company also ensures that new technological and engineering development are embedded into our products and superior quality positions shall be maintained. Its further mentioned that we comply ISO 9001 : 2008 standards and SLS 375 : 2009 are being complied hand in hand with regard to our company’s quality policy. The factories have been built upon the “State Of The Art Technology” in relation to steel manufacture, further the factories are being modernized with the development of the new technologies that came into existence.

The company shall perform quality assurance testing at frequent intervals for which company is in possession of new testing equipment and apparatus for this purpose. Further the company have qualified and well trained staffs who are competent with regard to modern technology in the manufacture of steel bars. These employees are being trained on a regular interval in order to update with new technical developments in the industry for the purpose of maintaining the quality assurance program and thereby to comply with quality policy. It should be further mentioned that quality policy in established in manufacturing processors servicing divisions and other administrative systems as well.

Environment Policy

The company’s environment policy is to ensure friendly environment to the society and further company wish to reduce all forms of pollution to the environment and thereby to ensure that there are no health hazards to the community as a resulting manufacturing activity.

The company committed to comply with ISO 14001 standards which specify the environmental standards to be maintained by the company in order to protect the environment from the affluence that are discharged by our company.

Our company uses LPG Gas in our pre-heating furnaces instead of furnace oil. LPG Gas does not provide hazardous gases or affluence which harms the environment where as the furnace oil can cause environmental effects if this is used. Most of the steel manufacturing companies today, uses furnace oil instead of LPG Gas.

Our company comply with environmental rules and regulation initiated by environmental authorities in Sri Lanka. Environmental authorities have been issuing certification for all our factories in relation to Rolling Mill and Furnace.

Trade Policy

The general trade policies of the company are as follows,

  • Offer products and services to customers at reasonable prices and moreover provide comprehensive after sale service to the satisfaction of the customer.
  • To establish continuous cost effective methods together with product improvements with the view to remain competitive advantage in terms with the competition.
  • Develop our products into export industry standards and thereby to improve the revenue of the company within a reasonable period.
  • Products that comply with legislative and regulatory requirements.

Financial Policy

The basic financial policy of the company is creation of wealth for the shareholders and at the same time to secure profitability year on year basis and to also ensure sustainable financial growth over long period.

The company to ensure liquidity at all times in order to manage its working capital requirements keeping working capital ratio in par with our major competitors. The company’s pricing policy shall be maintained on a continuous basis having taken into consideration of product cost, inflation and competitor pricing etc. the product pricing shall be continued on a regular basis taking into accounts of the all above factors in order to ensure sustainable level of revenue collection of the company. Cost control methods are being employed in all operating divisions with a view of to keep in line with budgets.

The sources of funding of the company basically consist of equity capital and borrowed capital. The company borrows funds from the bank to match the working capital requirement and also for expansion purposes. The equity and borrowing requirements is maintained strictly accordance with the articles of association of the company. Company concerns over debt equity structure of financing to enable control cost as a major measure.

Technical Policy

Our company has its technical policy to maintain its product to highest technical standards when compared with its major competitors.

In order to accomplish this objective our company always introduces highly sophisticated machinery equipments and tools.

Our company at present uses the highest technology in steel industry today such as TMT Technology. The company shall update its technology as and when new technology is established. The purpose of this concept is to maintain the company’s reputation and also to secure steady market share in terms with company’s competitors.

It should be maintained that in order to comply with the technical policy. Our company maintains working staff who are capable of performing high quality standards in terms with their duties and responsibilities. Furthermore their skills and abilities are constantly updated with sophistication in terms of new developments in relation to this industry.