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Manpower planning enables HR department to project its short to long term needs on the basis of its departmental plans so that it can adjust its manpower requirements to meet changing priorities. The department needs manpower planning to show:

  • The number of recruits required in a specified timeframe and the availability of talent
  • Early indications of potential recruitment or retention difficulties
  • Surpluses or deficiencies in certain ranks or grades
  • Availability of suitable qualified and experienced successors


Performance appraisal assesses an individual's performance against previously agreed work objectives. Performance appraisal is normally carried out once a year. Performance appraisal assess key result areas of our employees, supervisors, Executives and Managers. It is a joint responsibility of the individual and the Head of each Department;

It also enables management to compare performance and potential between employees and subordinates of the same rank. Rating of employees is done by their performances.


Employees are trained to know the changes in environment, market, and techniques.

Employees get training of new trend of techniques, handling machineries and equipment, working with minimized pressure etc.


  • It depends on financial capabilities.
  • Yearly increments are given.
  • It is decided by management with employees where various demands are negotiated.
  • It is paid as per other industries.
  • Individual performance bonus is also given.


At SR Steel Pvt Ltd, there is a continuous effort of staying in touch with employees to ensure that there is the right culture to engage them in consistent performance improvement. Further, the Company has always registered steady quality improvement and productivity enhancement through dedicated efforts of the Company Performance Improvement teams, focused on technical best practice transfer and the value of knowledge networks.

Towards the well-being of employees SR Steel Pvt Ltd has put into practice many initiatives, events and programmes that have helped to create not only an enduring loyalty amongst employees but also enabled them to have a more fulfilled life.

Special benefits provided to employees


Free medical facilities for employees provided by SR Steel Pvt Ltd by having a Medical Centre with a qualified Medical Practioner.


Valuing its people as a great assets SR Steel Pvt Ltd is committed to their development, both in order to benefit the individual and to benefit the Company through increased knowledge and skills. In order to leverage maximum potential of human resource to achieve business objectives the Company recognises that enrichment of people will help retain a motivated workforce in a competitive environment.

Skills Development - Non-officers

Skills training is a process that begins at the time of an employee joining the company and continues throughout their career. Employees work in clusters of multi-skilled workers and move across and within clusters on improving their skills levels.

Equal Opportunity practices

SR Steel Pvt Ltd is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, caste, religion, colour, ancestry, marital status, sex, age or nationality. The Company‘s Affirmative Action Policy promotes equal access to its employment and opportunities and all decisions are merit based. The HR Policy and Affirmative Action Policy are monitored by the Management and supported by an effective grievance redress all mechanism.