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“State Of The Art” Steel manufacturing company

SR Steel (Pvt) Ltd commenced its business in steel industry during the year 2005 and its first factory was erected at Wattala and thereafter another mega steel factory commenced with advanced technology during the year 2009. The company has kept on improving the products. The company has obtained Sri Lankan standards SLS 375 – 2009 and international standards ISO 9001. It should be mentioned that our company came within the first five companies obtained SLS certification and accordingly the major steel factories at present have obtained SLS certification subsequent to us.

The factories have been built in “State Of The Art” manufacturing technology in relation to Steel Bars manufacturing processes. The company has the capacity to produce around 10000 Metric Tons of Steel per month. The company has introduced its own branding namely “SR TMT” (RB 500). This is one of the reputed brand within Steel industry in Sri Lanka.

The company presently enjoying a substantial market share of the Steel bar manufacture in Sri Lanka. The company caters for the retail market and also commenced supplying its product to various construction projects at present. The company has been able to comply technical requirements specified by the technical professionals such as civil engineers/consultants, architects and other personal involved in the construction industry. In order to comply with these requirements, company has introduced a quality control systems within its factories which ensure a comprehensive quality assurance programs at each stage of manufacture and therefore the final product shall comply with the norms and specifications required by the industry.

The company employs a technical, non- technical and managerial personal who are well trained in the industry and they are committed towards the accomplishment of the organizations goals and objectives set by the management. These employees are given required training and development in each stage of manufacturing and managerial systems and control for the above purpose.